ESRF Organized an Empowerment Training Workshop to Districts Community Radios Representatives..

    The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) through its Knowledge Management and Innovation Department organized a Training Workshop on “The Role of Community Radio for Rural Development focusing on Contents, Financial and Institutional Sustainability” that was held from 24-25 May, 2017 in Dodoma. This workshop was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

    Hon. Anastazia Wambura, Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Artists and Sports officiating the training workshop

    Hon. Anastazia Wambura, Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Artists and Sports, officiated the training workshop that attracted representatives from five community radios; Bunda FM and Mazingira FM (Bunda District), Sengerema FM (Sengerema District), Unyanja FM (Nyasa District), Ileje FM (Ileje District) and Kagera FM (Bukoba Rural).

    Tausi Mbaga Kida, Executive Director ESRF giving her welcoming remarks

    In her welcoming remarks Dr. Tausi Mbaga Kida, the Executive Director, ESRF informed the participants that the aim of the training workshop was to impart knowledge and to be able to sustain their respective community radios in contents generation, financial and institutional capability areas.

    Dr. Tausi Kida also mentioned that during the two-day of training, the participants would benefit from six lessons which include; How to generate Content for Community Radio, Linking Content Generation and technology, Community Radio Financial, Social and Institutional Sustainability, Content Generation for Institutional and Social Sustainability (Generating Strategic Content) and Partnership with other Organizations.

    Furthermore, Dr. Tausi Kida informed the participants that ESRF with the support from UNDP coordinated the establishment of four community radios in ileje, Nyasa, Bunda and Bukoba rural districts and assisted the operational of other two community radios in Bunda and Sengerema districts. Under the support from UNDP, ESRF also established content center known as “Maarifa Studio” to assist in producing contents/programs for these community radios.

    In her speech the Guest of Honor, Hon. Anastazia Wambura the Deputy Minister acknowledged the contributions of community radios in informing/educating the rural communities about their development.

    She also mentioned that “Community radios are among the technologies that contribute significantly to convey information to the majority of rural in various sectors of development including; health and agriculture.”

    The Deputy Minister further mentioned that apart from the good work the community radios have been doing, there are challenges in operating them some being sustainable contents/programs production (especially on environment conservation, poverty reduction, gender issues, climate change etc) sustainable source of funding and institutional sustainability.

    The Deputy Minister emphasized on the participants to concentrate in the training where by the lessons to be given are geared to overcome the challenges that have been affecting many community radios in the country.

    The establishment of these community radios is the result of research conducted by Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) with the support from UNDP in six districts of Ileje, Bunda, Bukoba rural, Ikungi, Sengerema and Nyasa, whereby radios were mentioned to be the most popular channel for communication.

    The training workshop attracted community radios representatives; Editors and journalists as well as representatives from Districts Councils where these radios operate who work together with these radios.

    Last updated on 2017-06-02

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