New Topic on TAKNET: Smart Farming in Tanzania.

    Recent development and dissemination of advanced technological tools at an affordable price have resulted in both large and small-scale farmers having new and more precise tools to produce more with less (Global Opportunity Report, 2016)

    These Tools make the farming smarter by producing more with less, lead to increase productivity, profit as well as reduce the use of water, fertilizer and other farm inputs. As the price of inputs rising high, this seems to be a good solution. Smart farming offers high-precision crop control, useful data collection, and automated farming techniques, smart farming includes; Drip irrigation, hydroponic systems, mobile based agricultural information, use of drones for crop management, wireless surveillance for crop management, smart animal feed ( Azolla, Hydroponic fodder etc), smart fish farming (Global Opportunity Report, 2016).

    Smart farming is an opportunity for both in urban and rural ...

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    Last updated on 2016-08-11

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