Stakeholders' Brainstorming Workshop on Implementation of SDGs in Tanzania..

    On 25th May 2016, the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) in collaboration with Ministry of Finance and Planning, Poverty Eradication Division, organised a brainstorming workshop on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Tanzania. The workshop was characterised by a discussion of four areas on implementation of SDGs in Tanzania namely (a) Research Agenda on SDGs (b) localization of SDGs (c) monitoring and (d) dissemination/communication of SDGs.

    The workshop was attended by stakeholders from the Government, United Nations and Development Organizations as well as Non State Actors. The workshop was graced by Anna Mwasha, Director – Poverty Eradication Division, Ministry of Finance and Planning on behalf of Dr. Servacius Likwelile, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Planning.

    Last updated on 2016-05-26

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