Agro-Processing: What Relations with Climate, Food and Trade?.

    The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) on 29th April 2016 organized a meeting titled "Agro-Processing: What Relations with Climate, Food and Trade?" The meeting was held at Double Tree Hotel, Dar es Salaam. Participants of the Meeting in a group photo The meeting;

    • Reviewed the policy state of play on agro-processing, climate change, food security and trade
    • Identified elements to be included in a study on how can agro-processing become more climate-aware, trade-driven and food security enhancing?
    • Updated stakeholders on the current status of trade (WTO) and climate (UNFCCCC) negotiations.
    • Introduced PACT EAC Phase 2 Project The meeting introduced participants to the PACT EAC 2 Project, which builds capacities of relevant East African stakeholders for climate aware, trade driven and food security enhancing agro-processing in the regions.

    Last updated on 2016-04-29

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