Modern Beekeeping Training in Ikungi, Singida

Future Development Initiative (Fu-DI) an NGO based in IkungiSingida was identified as a champion on Forestry and beekeeping. Through PEI project, Fu-DI conducted training on modern beekeeping to participants from Bukoba Rural, Bunda and Ikungi districts in December 2014. A total of 108 participants from 54 groups attended the training; out of them 97 were women and 11 Men. Participants from Bukoba Rural and Bunda districts were provided with sample modern beehives and jackets. More beehives will be distributed to beneficiaries in Ikungi and other districts. Furthermore Fu-DI as a champion in forestry and beekeeping will supply modern beehives, gears and transfer knowledge to Ikungi and other PEI districts through Pro-poor project. The aim is to slowly swap old beehives and technologies with modern ones to increase both efficiency and to increase income of people both men and women, thus reduce poverty.

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