Date: Tuesday May 19, 2020

    Organiser: Ministry of Agriculture and ESRF

    Place: Kongwa, Bahi, Chamwino and Kibaigwa

    Between May 19th and 22nd, 2020 the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in partnership with the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) conducted a training and piloted Mobile Kilimo (MKilimo) to Extension Officers and selected farmers in Dodoma Region.

    The training and piloting of Mkilimo was launched by Honorable Japhet Hasunga- Minister for Agriculture at Klimo IV Auditorium, witnessed by Honorable Hussein Bashe and Honorable Omari Mgumba – Deputy Ministers of Agriculture, some senior staff from the Ministry of Agriculture and media personnel from various reputable Media Houses available in Dodoma.

    In his speech among other things, Hon. Japhet Hasunga said that the Ministry in collaboration with other stakeholders would continue to implement various strategies such as enhancing the services to the agricultural sector by offering enabling environment, including providing timely information and extension services through mobile phone.

    The four-day training intended to equip extension officers and selected farmers with knowledge on Mobile Kilimo as well as testing – “piloting” the system’s performance before scaling up to other regions in Tanzania.

    The training attracted 80 participants including 35 extension officers and 45 farmers from three districts of Chamwino, Bahi and Kongwa whereby each district selected two wards for implementation of the exercise. In Chamwino district - wards selected were Machari and Chamwino, Bahi district- Bahi and Ibihwa wards and Kongwa district- Kongwa and Sejeli were slected.

    The training involved both theoretical and practical work. Participants got an opportunity to comprehend how the platform works; including how to register to be a member, how to buy and sell commodity through the platform, how to ask questions in case you need some agricultural information from extension officers. Extension officers also were able to understand on how to register as an extension officer, how to answer questions raised by farmers etc

    Ms. Mgeni Omary (a farmer) one of the participants said that Mkilimo will be a savior to many farmers who were travelling a long distance to seek advice from extension officers, “Mkilimo has indeed solved our problems of travelling long distances, we can now use our mobile phones to get expert information from our extension officers ”.

    Mr. Steven Mghase, extension officer said, Mkilimo will much assist extension officers in fulfilling their duties. He cited an example that he has more than 600 farmers to attend in his locality, it took him almost 3 months to meet them for agricultural consultation, now with Mkilimo he will be using little time to attend them on line for agricultural advice.

    Mobile Kilimo is a mobile platform that enables farmers, livestock keepers and fishers to get markets for their products by simply using mobile phone to reach buyers. It is geared to link producers (crops, livestock products and fish products) and buyers, train farmers on the best crop farming, livestock keeping and fishing practices and to provide advisory (extension) services related to agricultural management in order to address the challenges facing farmers, livestock keepers and fishermen.

    Last updated on 2020-07-17

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