Tanga Region has just validated its Region Investment guide.

    Date: Sunday May 26, 2019

    Organiser: ESRF in collaboration with Tanga Region administration under financial support from UNDP

    Place: Korogwe Executive Hotel, Korogwe Tanga

    Tanga region has validated its Region Investment Guide during the Tanga Investment Guide validation workshop. The event took place at Korogwe Executive Hotel in Korogwe District, attracting a large number of stakeholders including the Regional Commissioner, Regional Administrative secretary, District Commissioners, District Executive Directors, Region secretariat, representatives of districts secretariat, District Administrative Secretaries, District Council's chairmen, Investors, TCCIA, TPA, TRA, TCAA, Banking sector etc.

    During the workshop, The Regional Commissioner Hon. Martine Shigela and members of the workshop highly commended and appreciated great work undertaken by ESRF in unveiling the Investment opportunities in the Region that led to preparation of comprehensive investment guide draft which will be final soon.

    The Regional Commissioner Hon. Eng. Martine Shigela has thanked ESRF for technical support in the preparation of the guide while at the same time extended thanks greetings to UNDP for financing the preparation of Tanga Region Investment Guide. Moreover, Hon Shigela has requested ESRF to continue supporting Tanga Region technically both at regional and Districts level.

    Last updated on 2019-05-28

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