PUBLIC SEMINAR on Long Term Structural Change in Tanzanian Agriculture - Food Crops as Cash Crops and the Policy Implications.

    Date: Tuesday Aug 22, 2017

    Organiser: Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)

    Place: ESRF Conference Hall, 51 Uporoto Street, Ursino Estate, Off Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Dar es Salaam

    By Prof. Brian Van Arkadie Abstract: Conventional interpretation of agriculture sector performance in many records presents a disappointing performance picture. Historically, the dominant view that agriculture has been quite stagnant has always been spurring a search for new approaches to “transforming” agriculture. Nevertheless, there have been profound changes and significant progress in many aspects of the rural economy, with a realistic economic response to evolving market opportunities and significant progress in living conditions. If this perception is correct, it is misleading to characterize the rural economy and smallholders as inherently “backward” and unresponsive to potential opportunities; nor the failure of so many agricultural interventions be ascribed to an inherent resistance of small farmers to change. For it is not small farmers who have failed to identify and exploit potential development opportunities, but rather the “experts” who have designed and implemented flawed rural programs. The objective of this public seminar is to review and describe the performance of agricultural sector in Tanzania since independence and the corresponding approaches for agricultural and rural development. The seminar aims at challenging some of the dominant perspectives/approaches for agricultural and development and offer some alternative suggestions for fostering rural economy in Tanzania.

    Members of the general public who would like to attend the seminar are encourage to confirm their participation by leasing with Mr. Gottlieb Moshi through E-Mail address or Tel # 0620 679 904 or 679 981 314

    BIO: Brian Van Arkadie first worked in East Africa at Makerere University College in Uganda in 1963, on research leave from Yale University. He then became Chief Planning Economist to the Uganda Government, editing the Second Five Year Plan. In 1966, he led a joint UK/Kenya government mission to evaluate the Land Settlement Program. His first work in Tanzania was in 1965 as an official of the UK Ministry of Overseas Development, he participated in a mission to advise the government on the implementation of the First Five Year Plan. In, 1967-70 he worked in the Tanzanian planning ministry, editing the Second Five Year Plan. In 1981 he led the technical team in drafting a proposed Structural Adjustment Program. Between 1987-1991, he was a professor at the University of Dar es Salaam. During that period he edited the report of the Presidential Commission on banking reform (the Nyaribu report) and advised the Presidential Commission on taxation and expenditure (the Mtei Report).

    Prof. Brian Van Arkadie was a founding fellow of the IDS (Sussex); taught at Cambridge University 1971-75, where he was director of the Centre for Latin American studies. In 1975 he was appointed professor at the ISS in The Hague. From 1989 to 2015 he has been involved in many missions advising the governments such as the reform process in Viet Nam, the economies of the Baltic States and economic policy in Tanzania. In 1991- 92 he facilitated funding for the foundation of the ESRF.

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